Stakeholders and consortium meet in Bolzano

Posted on | Stakeholders and consortium meet in Bolzano

The project consortium and stakeholders in the meeting room.From 6-8 June 2016, the partners of INDRIX (Inclusive Disaster Resilience Index) met in Bolzano, Italy for their second meeting. They discussed resilience and inclusion criteria for the resilience index which the project is developing.

The objective of the EU co-financed project is to develop a resilience index that takes inclusion into account – hence measuring disaster resilience for vulnerable groups such as the elderly or people with disabilities as well as their inclusion in emergency planning. The index will ultimately be applicable to projects and actions aimed to foster resilience as well as to communities wishing to measure their inclusive resilience

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is coordinating the project and will write the final definition of the index. The Samaritan organisations ANPAS, LSA and WK, together with the SAM.I. General Secretariat, help collect the empirical basis for the development of the index and contribute their knowledge in social services and civil protection.

The project consortium and stakeholders in the meeting room (different perspective).After the first meeting, the partners invited several additional stakeholders to share their expertise, particularly with regard to the inclusive dimension of the project. In Bolzano, Fabrizio Maddalena from Auser and Silvia Cutrera from FISH took part in the meeting to discuss the possible dimensions and variables of the resilience index.

With a set of preliminary dimensions defined, the project’s technical partner Ubilabs can proceed to develop first ideas for the visualisation of existing project along these dimensions. The next meeting will take place at their offices in Hamburg later this year, to present these ideas and gather feedback from stakeholders. A “visualisation platform” will be developed after that, which will facilitate spotting existing gaps in inclusive disaster resilience and also provide a data basis to finalise the resilience index.

The project group poses for a group picture.